How to setup the Keyboard

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How to setup the Keyboard

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To setup the Keyboard, click the config icon.
In the CCP, you can customize the keyboard.

To create a new keyboard, press the button,
or select an existing keyboard to edit .

The Config Control Panel (CCP)

Setting up the Keyboard

After selecting or in the CCP, you now have the options to add a [New] key, [Edit] an existing key or to [Delete] a key.
After customizeing your keyboard, remember to [Save] it.

If you created a new keyboard, go back to the CCP, select the new keyboard and press the [Ok] button to activate the keyboard.

Should you want to delete a keyboard, simply open your file browser to the iBox folder, and delete the .kbd file.
Note: Do not delete an active keyboard!, always remeber to select another keyboard before deleting an old keyboard file.

Customizeing a Key

Press [New] to add a key, [Edit] to change an existing key or [Delete] to remove a key.

The Key Parameters
Ident The name of the key.
Example escape
Base The base identifyer code of the key. This value is always a Hex value.
Example 01

The base code is also the value of the key in DirectInput.
Virtual The virtual code of the key. This value is always a Hex value.
Example 001B0100

The virtual code, referes to the virtual-key code on the keyboard and is defined as: [RR VK SC EK]

    - RR First byte is reserved for furture use.
    - VK 2nd byte is the VirtualKey.
    - SC 3th byte is the ScanCode.
    - EK 4th byte is the ExtendedKey.

The Key Helper panel
To identify keys on your keyboard, use the "Keyboard Test" panel.

Move the mouse to the "Test" input field or [Tab] to it.
When the "Test" field has focus, press any key to get the Ident, Base and Virtual Code of the Key.
You can transfere the information in the "Keyboard Test" panel, to the Key Parameters, by pressing the [Update] button.

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