The Macro Control Panel (MCP)

Learn how to use macros with iBox

The Macro Control Panel (MCP)

Postby Support » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:28 pm

To manage macros, click the macros icon.
In the MCP, you can add, edit, and delete macros.

iBox uses macros, that can be key-maped by the Profile-Macros.

Macro syntax can be found Here.

The Macro Control Panel (MCP)

To add a new macro, press the [New] button

Write your macro and press the [Ok] button.

To edit a macro, select the macro to edit, and press the [Edit] button

Re-write your macro, and press the [Ok] button.

To delete a macro, select the macro to delete, and press the [Delete] button

Press the [Yes] button, to confirm.
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