iBox Features

• Quick Setup Wizard
The Quick Setup Wizard can help you get started, regardless of what game you are playing.

• Launch Games
Launch your whole team, or a single game from the Launch Control Panel.

• Key broadcasting
Send one, send all, send to any target window or windows!

• Mouse broadcasting
See the actual mouse cursor in every window! See the targeting circle on all windows as you aim ground targeted area effect spells!

• Gaming Keyboard / Pad support
iBox can read HID devices directly, like the G-Keys on Logitech keyboards.
This also expends the no. of hotkeys, as for Logitech products like the G15 Keyboard, you can now use hotkeys like: Shift-Ctrl-Alt-G1 !

Currently supporting:

- Logitech G15 Keyboard
- Logitech G19 Keyboard
- Logitech G510 Keyboard

With the HIDSpy Tool, you can add you favorite gaming device to iBox!

• xPad
Control one or more game windows (on the same PC, or another PC) from the xPad.

• Key Maps
Write you own macros, to do different things, such as sending keystrokes or mouse commands to one or more windows, via the iBox Profiles.

• Window Layouts
Choose a layout for your game windows, including the ability to swap them into a main area when active! Picture-in-Picture or tiling any way you like it.

iBox offers two diffrent window layout modes, one that simply change the size and position of each window, and an enhanced mode for instantaneous window swapping.

• In-Game menu
Activate the iBox In-Game popup menu, and use quick links to iBox features.

• Virtual Files
iBox can help you set up separate configuration files per game client, making it a breeze to keep different settings (lower graphics options, for example) for the characters you usually don't switch to while multiboxing.

• Network
Use the iBox network to control multible games on multible PCs.

• Custom Keyboards
iBox has the ability to support any keyboard via custom keyboard files.

• Custom user-interface
Change the iBox user-interface, to any launguage you would like, and more.

• Log Window
The iBox log file feature, was developed for games like EverQuest who dose not support in-game copy+paste.

• Events
This feature was also developed for games like EverQuest, to support an "audio-trigger" for the hearing impaired.